At Thrive Treatment Center our mission is to guide those struggling with addiction toward a path of lasting sobriety. We believe that no matter what you have been through, there is hope for recovery. Our approach to treatment is provided across all levels of care in order to ensure each patient receives the best chance of achieving sobriety. Our purpose and drive is to provide you and your loved ones with the tools, support, information, encouragement and optimal care to achieve healing of mind, body and spirit.


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Recovery is not for people who need it, it’s for people who want it.
— Anonymous

About Thrive

Has opioid addiction negatively impacted your life? We can help you overcome this addiction with medication-assisted treatment. Our experienced and highly qualified professionals provide innovative and compassionate care to those struggling with addiction and co-existing mental health disorders.


High Quality Care

At Thrive, we strive to provide the best care possible for those struggling with opioid addictions. Our treatments and providers can help you manage your addiction and live a happy, healthy lifestyle.


Why Wait?

With the assistance of medication-assisted treatment, Thrive can help patients regain a normal state of mind, free of drug-induced highs and lows. We can help reduce problems of withdrawal and craving. This can give our patients the chance to focus on the lifestyle changes that lead back to healthy living.